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Everything you wanted to know about companion animals but were afraid to ask.


Summer Quick Facts - Lawn and Garden Dangers

Summer is the season for gardens and green lawns, but keep in mind that some garden products may pose a health danger to your dog or cat.

Most common garden dangers:

Herbicides: Pet paws are often irritated by walking on lawns treated by chemicals such as herbicides (weed-killers). Pets often ingest lawn chemicals by licking their paws after coming in contact with treated surfaces. Keep your pet off treated lawns and wipe their paws if lawn treatment is active.


Pesticides: Most pest baits contain poisonous ingredients used to kill vermin that can be ingested by your pet and cause harm. Make sure your pet does not have access to pest baits.


Poisonous Plants: A number of plants can be poisonous and deadly to pets. Plants like lily of the valley, oleander, rhododendron, azalea, yew and foxglove among others (look on our seasonal information page). Keep your pets away from them or remove the plants from their areas.


Toxic Mushrooms: All types of mushroom can grow in your grass. To avoid the risk of your pet ingesting toxic ones, its best to remove them all.




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